WhatsApp Plus Apk Download & Tricks 2019

If you are reading this article It means you already have some information about the amazing messaging app called WhatsApp Plus.

But, In this article, you are going to get some extra and most useful information about the modified version of WhatsApp messenger.

Yes, this is the modified version of the WhatsApp messaging app.

Also, In this article, we are going to explore most of the features of WhatsApp Plus APK.

What is WhatsApp Plus Actually?

Well, If you don’t know about WhatsApp Plus then you don’t have to worry at all. Let us tell you What it is exactly.

whatsapp plus apk download

It is the most popular modded app in the world of Android Apps. Yes, It is the most popular modified WhatsApp Messenger app but there is some more popular modified app are available along with It like GBWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp too.

But If we talk about the most popular modified version of the WhatsApp messaging app then the first name comes in our mind is WhatsApp Plus.

Now You may want to know ‘Why it is so much popular, Why not others?’. Well, It is a valid question.

And the answer to this question is below-

It is much more popular than others because of the extra features this app provides.

Yes, WhatsApp Plus provides many extra features that WhatsApp and other versions of WhatsApp don’t provide.

Download Link

Downloading WhatsApp Plus is a little tricky task, and the reason behind it being a little trick is that you can’t download from Google Play.

Why you cannot download this APK from Play Store?

Because of Google doesn’t allow it’s publishers to publish a modified app on the platform. As we already have told you in this article, WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp Messenger. So, According to Google’s policies- Creators of this apk APK can’t publish the app on Google Play.

So, How Could you download this APK if you can’t download it from Google Play?

Well, we are here to help you.

You can download WhatsApp Plus APK from our website. To download WhatsApp Plus APK tap on the download link below.


Best Features in WhatsApp Plus

As we already have mentioned that WhatsApp Plus is very popular because the features the app provides.

So, You may be wanting to know what are the features that are being provided by WhatsApp Plus. So, We are mentioning some of the most useful features of WhatsApp Plus below-

  • Some useful Privacy Features
  • Video Call Options
  • Anti-Ban
  • Users can hide last seen
  • Users can hide Online Status, typing status, recording status, etc.,
  • WhatsApp Plus users can hide double tick and blue ticks also
  • Auto-Reply option
  • Theme Library
  • Increased Pin Chat Limit
  • Always Online
  • Anti-revoke messages
  • In-built Lock
  • Download Status
  • Hide Status View
  • Extended video upload limit in status
  • DND Option and many more

Later in this article, we have explained how to use these features in your mobile phone. Here is the only a glimpse of the features. To know how to use these features read the complete article.

How to install WhatsApp Plus in your Android phone

The process of APK installation is the same as other app installation. But, Some people get an error while installing the app into their device.

So, Are you one of them who try to install WhatsApp Plus APK but always get installation error?

If you are, then you don’t have to worry now.

You get installation error because you are trying to install WhatsApp Plus with WhatsApp official app.

Follow the steps below to install WhatsApp Plus APK and you will not get any installation error-

Step 1: Uninstall WhatsApp Official App

The package name of the app is the same so you can not install WhatsApp Plus along with WhatsApp.

So, The first step is to uninstall WhatsApp messenger if you have already installed it into your device.

Step 2: Now Install WhatsApp Plus APK

Now we assume you have already Downloaded this APK into your device. Now tap on the downloaded APK file.

And Install It.

But Before installing it make sure you have enabled installation from other sources from setting.

Step 3: Open the App and verify the number

Either you use WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp official you have to verify your number with the app.

So, When you open WhatsApp Plus in your device for the first time then WhatsApp will ask your number to verify it.

Just Input your number and wait for a few seconds then you will get a message with OTP verify the app with given OTP.

Step 4: WhatsApp Plus is now ready

WhatsApp Plus is ready to be used for the first time. Now, you can have conversations with people or a group of people.

Settings in WhatsApp Plus

In this section, We are going to guide you on how to change settings WhatsApp Plus. you’re going to learn things like how to hide blue ticks, how to hide online status, how to hide typing status and many more things.

How to Hide Online Status

There is a big problem with WhatsApp and that is when you come online then many people start sending many text messages like “Hi”, “Hello”, “Hey”, “Hey Bro, What’s Up” and blah blah but you don’t get enough time to reply to each and every one.

But What if you can hide online status?

You will not get such messages, Right?

Well, Using WhatsApp Plus you can Always hide online Status.

How to do it?

Follow the steps below to online status on WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp Plus —> Tap on triple dots at the right top corner —> Privacy —> Hide Online Status.

How to Hide Blue Ticks

Another Problem with WhatsApp, When you get a message from your friends and read it then the status of the delivered message becomes blue.

It means the delivered message you read start showing double blue ticks.

You can always hide these blue ticks.

Follow the steps to hide Blue Ticks

Open WhatsApp Plus —> Tap on triple dots at the right top corner —> Privacy —> Hide Blue ticks.

you can even Hide second tick you will have to just select “Hide second tick” instead of “Hide Blue Tick”.

How to Hide Typing Status

While having a chat with someone you must have noticed that when your friend writes a message then the status becomes “Typing..”.

So, You can hide “Typing” Status if you are using WhatsApp Plus instead of WhatsApp.

Follow the steps to hide typing Status

Open App—> Tap on triple dots at the right top corner —> Privacy —> Writing Status

How to Hide View Status 

Now WhatsApp allows its users to set plain text, image or even video as status and users are enjoying this feature a lot.

When you view someone’s status then WhatsApp shows them that you have viewed it. If you want to hide the view status then you can do it using WhatsApp plus.

Here is how to hide view status 

Open WhatsApp Plus —> Tap on triple dots at the right top corner —> Privacy —> Hide View Status

Read Deleted messages 

Nowadays, we have got a new feature in WhatsApp that is we can delete sent messages from the receiver’s mobile too.

Many people misusing this feature very badly, They send us messages and delete it from both devices using “delete for everyone” feature so that be get disturbed and think what he had written.

But using this app you can read deleted messages very easily.

What you have to do is to enable the anti-revoke option in your WhatsApp Plus. To enable anti revoke option you just have to follow the steps below-

Open App—> Tap on triple dots at the right top corner —> Privacy —> Enable Anti-Revoke

Auto Reply Message 

Auto Reply is one of the best features in WhatsApp Plus. Think What if when you are in your classroom or in office and you can’t access WhatsApp at that time but keep getting lots of messages.

Well, You can set an auto-reply message in WhatsApp Plus.

To set an auto-reply message, follow the steps-

Open WhatsApp Plus —> Tap on triple dots at the right top corner —> Gb Settings —> Auto Reply Message.

How to change themes 

WhatsApp plus has a library of themes you can always choose the best theme for you. To choose the best from theme library in WhatsApp plus Follow the steps below-

Open App—> Tap on triple dots at the right top corner —> GB Settings —> Themes

Lock WhatsApp Plus

If you are using this apk and you want it to keep secure then you can lock it with a password.

This is the benefit of choosing Plus over WhatsApp. The official has a lack of security features whereas you can keep WhatsApp Plus secure from accessibility by other people.

Open WhatsApp Plus —> Tap on triple dots at the right top corner —> Gb Settings —> Lock.

So, these are the most useful features in WhatsApp Plus. If you have any queries then leave us a comment.


I hope you like this article about whatsapp plus. Hope you have downloaded it starts using. I try to Answer all question related to the plus app but if still, I miss something then let me know by the comment section.


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