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The internet is a huge thing. We take one part of the internet that is a website. Thousands number of articles are published on the websites daily. Not only me, everyone wants his/her website rank must be good. In this article, I am doing to explain the top 10 ways to promote your website. 10 ways to promote your website


Let’s start with top 10 ways to promote your website

List of top  10 ways to promote your website

  1. SEO smart
  2. Facebook ads
  3. Go beyond Google
  4. YouTube
  5. Reddit
  6. Be professional
  7. Answer questions
  8. Google My Business
  9. webmaster account
  10. Invest in search engines

1. Be SEO smart

Most of the time, your website will found via a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the vast majority of folks out there are using Google for search duties. Moreover, where your site places concerning the rankings in any given search are densely influenced by how Google matches the words and phrases that people are using to search.


Consider altering the site’s content to include favourite phrases that people are searching for, and find the magic words that you need using the Google AdWord keyword planner. This process – although there’s a lot more to it – is known as SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization.

if you want to learn SEO, then click on this video :
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2. Facebook ads

If you want to sell door-to-door, then you need to turn up when people are at home, and the web equivalent of this is catching them on social media.


Despite some recent flattening of growth, many millions of people still use Facebook, and this platform has the advantage that you can target users of a specific age or gender, those with particular interests, or those who follow particular brands or celebrities.

Learn what is facebook ads from this video, click on this video :

3. Go beyond Google

Google may be the search giant of the world, but not everyone uses it. For example, in China, more surfers use Baidu. Submitting to all those other search engines aside from Google and Bing is a worthwhile exercise, especially if you do business in locations outside of the US and Europe.WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR WEBSITE

Instead of submitting to each engine in turn, use a tool like Submit Express to hit a large number in a single operation.

Learn what is Go beond google and how it works, click on this video :

4. Use YouTube

The right video on YouTube can rapidly attract tens of thousands of views, and can subsequently generate links on Facebook and Twitter.WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR WEBSITE

Even if it’s just a recording of a seminar speech or something made to promote a new product line, it’s all worth placing on YouTube to create interest and attract visitors to your website.

how to use youtube to promote your website, learn from this video:

5. Use Reddit

Modestly labelled as the ‘front page of the internet’, any news story or press release from your company should be put on here, with links to bring people back to your site.


However, be advised that Reddit users can take a dislike to anything perceived as overtly corporate, so be careful about how you position content and interact with the denizens of the site.

From this video learn how to get a ton of traffic from reddit for your website :

6. Be professional

If you post images on your website or social media, then make sure they’re perfect quality ones, and even consider having them a link to the full resolution original.


The same goes for video footage. Avoid portrait recordings made by phone with no image stabilisation, at the very least.

7. Answer questions

People love online experts who can answer questions, so be one of them. There are numerous question-and-answer forums run by the likes of Quora, Yahoo, and so on, which are all free to join.

You might also consider adding a question page to your site. You could then take the best answers, and use them to construct an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

8. Use Google My Business

It is most useful if you run a local business where customers can physically come to your office or store to collect products or engage in personal interaction. The Google My Business tool allows your company to appear on a Google Map search so that you can be found easily by anyone looking for you.

A nifty added benefit of being on here is that if your company name is searched via Google, the result returned will also bring up a map showing where you are.

play this video and learn how to promote your website with the help of google my business:

9. Get a webmaster account

Most search engines have individual accounts for those who run websites, and once you have this connection with them, you can use it to interact with the company about how you might improve your search ranking.


A Google account, for example, is an excellent way to make sure that the site is indexed correctly, and isn’t ignoring for some spurious reason.

How to create an account in webmaster and how to use it, learn all these things from this video. this video is large, so please learn and remember everything carefully :

10. Invest in search engines

Search engine marketing allows you to promote the position you will appear at on a search, and those links that are present on the first page of results will get the majority of traffic for any given keyword.


Paying for a sponsored link enables this to happen, assuming you pay more than your competitors for each link that is clicked. Depending on the keyword, each click might cost you very little or a good bit more, but the fact that most large companies use this method demonstrates that it’s an effective marketing strategy.

Why your business needs a web presence and why should you invest in search engine optimization(SEO)? Learn everything from this video :

“If you have not financiers to invest in search engines, and you want to promote your website without money then, I am providing one video to you. From this video, you can study how you can promote your website.”

“Final Notice”

I hope, you have learned a lot how to promote your website and which are the top 10 ways to promote your website through this post. If you have any doubt regarding this article, then you can send comments.

Thank you.


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