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Top 10 Video Games In 2018


Nowadays, people are more attached to games. Not only children, but young people are also like to play games. Seeing the love of people towards games, I am writing an article. In this article, I am going to describe the top 10 video games which are very popular in 2018. These days, most people play these games. I also play these games in my free time.
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Contrary to the traditional belief that gaming is merely an addictive source of entertainment and diversion, recent research has proved that gaming has numerous benefits and key among them, is the development of cognitive skills in both children and adults. Just as physical exercise helps in improving and strengthening your muscles, cognitive games help to indulge one’s brain in constant stimulation, thus improving the brain’s performance. The following are some of the cognitive benefits of playing video games.

1. Enhances coordination

When an adult or child is playing a video game, he or she is not only staring at the computer inactively. The activities and actions on the screen provide a lot of mental stimulation. For one to play, he or she will need to coordinate their visual, audial and physical movement.

2. Improves problem-solving skills

Video games involve specific rules. It means that the player has to think carefully before making any move to ensure that they stay within the required regulations of that particular game. The player needs to make split-second decisions that will determine whether or not he or she will advance to the next level.

3. Enhances memory

Playing your favorite video game may require both visual and audial memory. The player is required to read or listen to the instructions which might only be provided at the beginning of the game, thus the need to remember them throughout the entire game. Mastery of the keys on your keyboard helps you quickly move your characters in the game. It helps improve your memory, whether short-term or long-term.

4. Improves attention and concentration

Video games especially action games have proven to be able to capture the player’s attention for the entire period of the game. It is brought about by the player’s need to achieve specific objectives within the game, and be able to progress to the next level.

5. It is an excellent source of learning

Gaming is not only beneficial to adults and teenagers, but to children as well. Many modern educational institutions incorporate video games as a teaching methodology. It helps these children improve their academic skills by providing video games that are specifically aimed at enhancing their cognitive and creative skills.

6. Improves the brain’s speed

While gaming, the brain receives multiple stimulations, both Visual and audial. According to research, individuals who play video games frequently can process these stimulators faster than others. These stimulators ensure that the brain is continuously working to interpret them.

7. Enhances multitasking skills

An action game, for example, may require you to be very observant. It needs you to be able to move your joystick or keys while looking at the various features on your screen such as energy levels, oncoming adversaries, ammunition left, available time among other factors, all which are vital to winning. It ensures that the player can observe and react accordingly to all requirements of that particular game.

8. Improves social skills

Online gaming enables many players to engage in a specific game simultaneously. As such, there is constant communication between the players which in turn results in the development of meaningful as well as casual relationships between them.

It helps players meet new friends while also strengthening bonds with their old friends. Though computer games might be beneficial, there is a need to play them in moderation. It is also essential to pick the right game as not all of them provide the same cognitive benefits. Age should also be a factor. Small children should not be exposed to violent games.

let’s start with top 10 video games

List of Top 10 Video Games :

  • Evoland 2
  • The Room: Old Sins
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Dissembler
  • HQ Trivia
  • Death Road to Canada
  • Stranger Things: The Game
  • Reigns: Her Majesty
  • Causality

Evoland 2

Evoland 2 is one of those premium games for Android that you just don’t want to put down. Initially released in 2015 on Steam, Evoland 2 is a fantastic sequel to the first Evoland and follows suit with graphics and gameplay that evolve as you progress through the story.
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I thoroughly enjoyed the first Evoland game for Android, and one of my few criticisms of the game was that the story was a bit short. That’s not the case with Evoland 2, which features over 20 hours of gameplay.

While the first game in the series explored the evolution of RPGs, Evoland 2 has expanded its nostalgic scope by incorporating even more gaming genres into the game. It starts out as a pretty typical action RPG, but as you progress through the story both the graphics and gameplay take dramatic shifts which work wonderfully for keeping the game feeling fresh.

Evoland 2 will have you laughing as it continually breaks the fourth wall and there are more gaming and pop culture references than you can shake a stick. It is another excellent game for fans of RPGs and video game culture and well worth the cost to play.

The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins is the latest epic puzzle game from Fireproof Games and the 4th in the award-winning ‘The Room’ puzzle game series. You are exploring the home of an ambitious engineer who has gone missing when you find a rather beautiful dollhouse in the attic.
https://www.mytechstudio.com/top 10 video games/
Using a sophisticated eyepiece, you’re able to explore different rooms in the dollhouse that are filled with incredibly complicated puzzle boxes and contraptions. There’s something bizarre going on here, so maybe if you can solve all the puzzles, you’ll figure out what happened to the missing engineer and his wife.

If you’ve never played a game in “The Room” series before, just get ready for one of the more exciting games you’ll ever play on a mobile phone. The graphics and audio come together to create a wonderfully creepy vibe as you carefully inspect complex objects and unlock secrets to help you on your journey.

If you want to catch up with the other games, you can snag The Room, The Room Two, and The Room 3 at discounted prices.

PUBG Mobile

It’s pretty incredible how well PUBG Mobile plays on Android. It is a massive PvP battle royale game that pits 100 players against each other on an enormous island loaded with weapons, ammo, tactical gear, and vehicles. You drop in as a solo player or as part of a team and must use all your best skills to take down your opponents until you’re the last man standing.
https://www.mytechstudio.com/top 10 video games/
It’s not unheard of for a modern PC or console release to find its way to Android, but you’ll be surprised at how well PUBG plays on a smartphone. The developers have made it easier for mobile players to pick up and manage items, and have also added bots in the lowest ranks to help ease players into the game experience. Bluetooth controller support would be a nice addition, but the touch controls are some of the best I’ve seen for a shooter on mobile.

It also allows you to scale back the graphics so you can enjoy smooth gameplay even when playing on an older device. If you’ve got a newer device, crank those settings to the max and enjoy one of the best looking mobile games I’ve played in a long while.

PUBG Mobile somehow delivers all the epic moments you’d expect the PC game scaled down perfectly for mobile devices. Best of all, it’s free to play and currently devoid of any in-app purchases. Get your squad together, and I’ll see you on the battlegrounds!


Dissembler is a colorful and abstract game that, from the outset, might seem like another standard tile-swapping match three games. Instead, Dissembler unravels itself to be one of those puzzle games that almost transcends the genre, offering a relaxing exploration of patterns in abstract designs.
https://www.mytechstudio.com/top 10 video games/
It starts out nice and easy as the game lays out the basic principles before gradually presenting you with more complex puzzles — check out the trailer above to see what I mean.

With over 120 puzzles to play with no time limits, move limits, or in-app purchases or ads to deal, this game absolutely deserves a spot on this list.


JYDGE is a gritty and violent top-down twin-stick shooter that is an absolute blast to play. You are the JYDGE, a cybernetic enforcement officer who uses his Gavel (see: BIG freaking gun) to dole out RoboCop-style justice.
Each level features different challenges that are required to progress but never feel like a slogging chore.
https://www.mytechstudio.com/top 10 video games/
Confiscating illegal cash along the way, you’re able to upgrade JYDGE and his gavel with a deep selection of accessories. In that way, JYDGE retains the rogue-like element from its predecessor Neon Chrome by encouraging you to replay levels with different upgrade combinations until you complete all the challenges.

With a game that has you replay levels over and over again, it’s imperative for a game to find that mix of great gameplay with an interesting soundtrack that isn’t super annoying or repetitive — and JYDGE absolutely delivers.

HQ Trivia

It’s the app that started the new craze of live trivia game shows on your phone HQ Trivia is a daily trivia game show where you simply need to answer 12 questions to win a split of the pot. The daily weekday cash pot has risen to $5,000 with a Sunday evening game that usually around $25,000.
https://www.mytechstudio.com/top 10 video games/
It has turned regular host Scott Rogoswky into an internet celebrity as he provides an entertaining performance as the quiz master extraordinaire. The app itself has steadily improved since launching last year, with new features letting you play along with friends in the app. Millions of people play each week because it’s free and you just might win some cash!

That’s right; you’re playing for real cash via PayPal. Even if you only win a few bucks, you can cash out at any time and buy yourself a coffee.

Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada is a $10 game — I want to open with that just to get the sticker shock out of the way before I talk about how awesome this freaking game is. (It’s currently on sale for a dollar, though, which makes it an even better purchase.)
https://www.mytechstudio.com/top 10 video games/
Facing a zombie apocalypse, you must lead a scrappy squad of somewhat exciting characters on a deadly mission to the relative safety of Canada. Along the way, you’ll need to explore and loot places for supplies, while also managing your team’s health and morale.

Everything in Death Road to Canada is randomly generated, making every play-through a unique experience in this dynamic road trip action-RPG. You can randomly create your character and buddy or custom design your starting characters with different attributes to help them stay alive, but you probably don’t want to get too attached unless you’re a perfect shot.

The controls admittedly take some getting used to, and there’s a pretty steep learning curve as you learn which weapons are most active and which times it’s better to fight or run. And you will die, early and often, although that’s part of the fun of a zombie apocalypse, right?

There’s a ridiculous amount of depth in this game, including ten different game modes to unlock. The price might seem a little steep, but if you’re a fan of rogue-like zombie games, it’s well worth the investment!

Stranger Things: The Game

Stranger Things: The Game is the tie-in mobile game that other companies wish they could churn out. It’s a full-fledged action adventure game with a full cast of playable characters, tons of collectibles, and a retro graphical style that fits into the show theme and setting.
https://www.mytechstudio.com/top 10 video games/
The game presents the entire town of Hawkins, Indiana along with the adjacent Mirkwood Forest to be explored. It plays like a classic Zelda-style adventure game, with the ability to switch between characters lending itself to creating complex puzzles.

Credit Netflix’s marketing team for spending the time to make sure the developers at BonusXP Inc. delivered something special for fans of the series. They’ve created a real winner here, and a genuine contender for game of the year — and I’m not even a huge fan of the source material.

The controls are optimized for mobile, and there’s excellent game design on display here. The overworld is vast and filled with secret areas to explore and familiar items from the show scattered throughout as collectibles.

There’s just so much to appreciate here. Not only is it a faithful adaptation of the show, but it’s also available for free with no in-app purchases or ads — although you can certainly count the game itself as being an ad for the second season of Stranger Things. Here’s hoping it ushers in a new trend of strong mobile games based on TV shows and movies.

Reigns: Her Majesty

Reigns was one of the best games of 2016 and actually won the first-ever Google Play Indie Games contest. So needless to say we were pumped to check out the sequel.
https://www.mytechstudio.com/top 10 video games/
In Reigns, you play as the monarch of the land and make decisions that affect four aspects of the kingdom: the church, the people, the army, and the royal wealth. Your goal is to keep all four in balance — if any meter fills to the max or is entirely depleted your reign is over… and a new reign begins!
The sequel plays nearly identically to the first game, except this time you play as the Queen instead of the King, complete with new characters to interact with and multiple branching storylines to discover. The gameplay is as smooth as swiping left or right on cards, and if it’s anything like the first game there’s a ton of great easter eggs to find along the way!
I would hate to spoil anything for this new game, but if you played the first one and are afraid that it’s going to be too similar, I can assure you there are plenty of new mechanics to make this one of the best titles of 2017.


Causality is a mind-blowing puzzle game that’s all about manipulating time. It is just a brilliant game where you control time and make adjustments to the level and alter the sequence in such a way that you help your stranded astronauts reach their goals.
https://www.mytechstudio.com/top 10 video games/
Set in simplistic-yet-beautiful alien landscapes, this stylish game will have you wracking your brain as you try to figure out how to guide each astronaut to their color-coded exit within the allotted time. Of course, you have full control over the timeline and can jump to any point in time and change an aspect of the level. There are 60 mind-bending puzzles to unlock and complete in this outstandingly polished and challenging game.

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