Top 10 Hosting Providers in 2018

For the first time, When i brought hosting. At that time I was very confused because I did not know which is the best hosting providers at that time. I read articles from many websites, but I did not find the exact answer to my question. That time my problem was that, which is the best hosting provider. Another issue was that what types of plans are there and what amount I will have to pay for hosting. After 2-3 days, I selected some hosting providers for me. Then I started searching for them, and I learned a lot of things from different hosting sites. But you do not worry about hosting because I am writing my this article only for you.

Let’s Start With Top 10 Hosting Providers:

Nowadays, there are many hosting providers, but in this article, I am going to describe Top 10 Hosting Providers. There is a reason behind it. More than 65% of people are using these hosting providers(which listed below) because the quality of their service is much better than others. 10 hosting

Question 1: What is hosting?
Answer: Basically, Hosting(also known as Web site hosting and Web hosting) is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more Web sites on the internet. Similarly, in simple words, we can say that hosting is a place on the internet which helps you to store data, maintaining data files and present to your users or visitors on demand.

Question 2: What is the need for hosting?
Answer: More significant is that it provides for Web site files for the fast connection to the Internet. Hosting is faster than the computer space. So that, we use the hosting.

Question 3: How to use hosting?
Answer: Before, the use of hosting. You must have a domain name of your website such as (it’s my website domain). Mostly, you have to pay for a domain, but some hosting providers distribute free domain with hosting. Then, you have to link both these things(hosting and domain).

Name Of Top 10 Hosting Providers :

Detail Of Hosting Providers :

  • BLUEHOST is a website which provides hosting besides that it also provides domain. It provides four different plans of hosting which named as Basic, Plus, Prime and Go pro. Bluehost plans are starting at $7.99 $3.9/month*, Free Domain, Free SSL Included, one click WORDPRESS Install. The plans are listed below :
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  • iPAGE is a website which provides hosting. ipage offers many things free. Free items listed below :

  • 10 also provides hosting for your websites. In 4 plans which are very cheap. Plans are listed below:

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  • 10 is a hosting provider website. Almost the plans of are similar to Bluehost plans. There is a few difference between the prices of plans. Plans are listed below in detail :

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  • 10

  • A Small Orange 10 also provides hosting, but its hosting is costly than other hosting providers. Yeah, it is right that is expensive for the reason that the speed of hosting is very fast as compared to others hosting providers. Facilities of hosting are too good. List of plans is given below :

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“Final Notice”

I hope, you have learned a lot about hosting and which are the top 10 hosting prviders through this post. You may have got information about hosting plans. If you know about any hosting provider, then you can also tell me. If you have any doubt regarding hosting and hosting providers, then you can send comments.

Thank you.

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