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Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks

hey, what’s up, guys.
In this article I’m going to go over Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks I think Most of you should enjoy these tricks, or at least those of you who use Android phones. However, I guess Even if you have an iPhone you might still find it kind of interesting.
I am going to go over a list of 10 different not so well known tips, tricks, and Features in Android. Most of These should work with version 6 and later, but I’ll tell you if that’s not the case.

Let’s Start With new tricks.

1.Developer Options

First up is the hidden “developer options” menu, which isn’t too much of a secret these days, but I definitely can’t leave it out. Moreover, this menu has all sorts of cool advanced settings not usually accessible, which we can get to in a bit.
To access the menu, go to Settings, Then go to”Developer Options.” If you don’t find it directly in Settings, then click on “About Phone,” then scroll down to where it shows”Build Number” and you can also find builder Number in “Software Information.”
Then keep Tapping on the “Build Number,” and it will start counting down until it says “You Are Now a Developer.” After that, now when you go to the settings app, there will be a new menu under System called “Developer Options.” In here you will find all sorts of settings, some of which are useless to the average user, and some of them aren’t.

2.Animation Scale

So, number two is precisely one of the useful settings in here, the Animation scale. If you scroll down in the developer options, you will see, well really three options control “Animation Scale,” which controls how fast ro slow the animations of the operating system are played.
What this means, for example, is when opening an app, closing an app, transitioning through menus, all of that will be played faster or slower.
As you can see in the pictures, I have mine set to 0.5x, which means that each animation takes half as long, or twice as fast. This makes the phone feel much more snappy since everything appears to respond faster. You can also turn off animations altogether, so there’s no delay. However sometimes with animations off, certain apps can start to misbehave, so be aware of that. If for some reason you wanted, you could make animations slower, but be careful when setting it to 10x, because it will take forever to disable it again, since you have to wait long animations out.

3. Notification Log Widget

Number three, this one is beneficial, I think at least, and it is the Notification log Widget. Let me ask you, have you ever had a notification pop up on your phone, and you either swiped it away without thinking, or maybe it disappeared before you saw it, and you think, “oh no what did that say?”
Well, this will solve that.
What you do is create a new widget by long pressing on the home screen, go to “widgets,” ( and this might look different on your phone by the way), then find the ” Settings Shortcut” and drag and drop that onto the home screen. Once you do that, it will show you a selection of different settings you can choose for that shortcut. all other useful ones you can look at later, but right now you want to choose “Notification log.” In it, you can scroll through all your recent notifications, and it will show you a bunch of technical data for each one, including what the notification said, which is labeled as “android.text.”
This is also useful if the text of the notification is cut off, and it won’t show you what the whole thing says. This showed you that, so this is one I find useful.

These are three tricks and features and other 7 feature I will update in one and two days. So for the update notification, please subscribe my blog.
Thank you!
I will meet you soon with updates of Top 10 Android Tips and Tricks.

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