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JIO (Joint Implementation Opportunities) is an LTE mobile network operator in India. Nowadays, we all know about reliance JIO company. This company is very famous in India. But in this article, I am going to explain how you can get 10 GB extra data free on JIO and how to add it in your current plan. This trick is straightforward to use.

Let’s start with this trick:

here are some steps to active 10 GB internet data free on your JIO number:

Before following these steps, you have to need to install MyJIO app. If you have then its too good and now follow these steps.

Step 1:

Firstly, you have to open your MyJIO app on your mobile phone.  Now, here you can see which is the MyJIO application. In the next step, you can see which is the home screen of MyJIO application.

Step 2:

In the second step, now you can see here. There are 5 options are given to you at home screen. Names of there options are Home, Recharge, My Coupons, My vouchers, and settings. In the below picture you can see these options. I marked them with a box.

Step 3:

From the third step, what you have to do? Read carefully ok!… You have to click “My vouchers” option. When it will be open, this will look like this picture which I give below to show you. Here now you can see that “my Vouchers” show you some plan quantity and some Promo GB quantity. The quantity of “promo GB” vouchers must be 1. If you have “promo GB” vouchers, only then you can use this trick otherwise not.


You can get these vouchers from any other Myjio app and the second option is that you have to recharge Rs.399 which is three months recharge. In this recharge, you get unlimited calls +1.5 GB data/day + unlimited SMS/day for three months. Only with this recharge you get “REDEEM” vouchers and then you can use this trick.

Step 4:

There are some options like View, Buy, Transfer, Redeem, History. Here you have to select the “Redeem” option. It will open like this picture, you can see it. There are some options to select. First is “Recharge My number” and another is “Recharge Another number”, in this option you have to enter any number. But the number must be of JIO company.

Step 5:

After the completion of the first 4 steps. Only one step left and in this step, you have to click on the Redeem option which you can see below the mobile screen.
After this, your recharge will be done and now JIO will send you a message of your successful recharge. There are some pictures as a proof. data on jio

“Final Notice”

I hope, my this trick will help you to Get 10 GB Extra Data Free On JIO. From one voucher, you can get 10 GB free on jio for samsung mobiles and 5GB data for redmi mobiles. You can mail me directly also if you have an idea about technology.


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