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Free Netflix Account: 5 Working Methods In 2020

Are you looking for a free Netflix account? If yes then you come to the right page. I’m going to show a working method of getting paid account free. The Best part it even works in 2020.

Not only 1 I’m going to provide 2 unique methods that nobody talking about the internet. Let’s Do it.

First Way Using

There is a website available where you can get Netflix accounts at a very cheap price. You know it costs around $10/month. But on this site, as shown in the screenshot, you will get an account at $2.99 only.

netflix account

I know you are skeptical does this website even work?

I both screenshot and video proof of the website.

Here are steps to Get Account free

  • Open this link, It will show you a page similar to the screenshot.accountbot
  • Then click on the Explore tab.
  • As you see can not only Netflix you can also get Nord VPN, Grammarly, and other accounts at a cheap price.exploretab
  • Click on the Netflix Starting at $2.99 under Netflix.
  • It will ask you to login details.login details
  • Click on the I don’t have an account and create your account
  • Then Again click on the explore tab. Once again Netflix
  • Now This time it will ask you for payment.payment
  • The good news is that there is a Paypal option. So no direct credit card. Make your payment. For Indian users, It has Paytm. Which is like local Paypal of India.
  • Once you made your payment successful then it will take you to the subscription page.payment succesful
  • Go to the subscription tab from the left side. Select a country but this isn’t necessary. Click on the Generate Button.account generate
  • Within certain seconds you will get a new Netflix account

Proof of working

The Following GIF is the proof. You can see that it is the same email address. So it’s working. If you still not believed then watch the video.


The Password of this account is changing. Don’t waste time.

Second Way Using App

There is one mod app available that can we used to view Netflix movies. This app is only available for android users.  If you can understand Hindi then watch this video. But this app has its own limitations. Sometimes I’m unable to get some specific movies.

Here is a download link of the Netflix moded app.

I hope you know the installation process.  If not then don’t worry I have covered following up.

  • On the next page, When you can click on the download Netflix it will show you something like moded app
  • When you click on the download button. It will ask either you want to choose drive or Chrome. Chose to drive then select any of your accounts.
  • Then click on the package manager as shown in the screenshot.
free netflix account
  • It will start downloading the app when downloading is complete, you see this warning.
free netflix account
  • Click on the settings and allow permission. So you can install the application
  • After allowing permission click on the back button. You will see the same installation page. Install it

That’s it. Now you are ready to use this free Netflix app. You can watch any Netflix web series and movies.  Here is the app interface. It may change over time.

This app user interface is a bit different from the original Netflix app.  At the bottom, you can switch to the search tab if you are looking for a specific series or movie.

I will search here money heist. As you can see it is showing me a dropdown menu.

When you click on the play button. It offers you multiple stream options. Chose anyone. Generally, it does not make a big difference. After that click on play with an external player. Chose your favorite player if you have multiple installed on the system.

So many peoples click on the play button and then complain that this app is not working. It is working but you don’t know how to use it properly

Another Way of Using Netflix Free

The Third is Torrent. But let me tell you that torrent is ban in a lot of countries. United statues, Canada even in India. Still, there is a way to use it without getting caught.

The way is VPN. Vpn is basically changing your location. Then your ISP unable to know what you are doing online. There is so many VPN available,.

Free VPN can do the work but paid is better because of speed. But the problem with paid VPN is it’s paid or expensive. Once again on, you can get a premium VPN at a very cheap price.

In case you don’t want to use it then go with a free VPN.

Hotspot shield is one of my favorite free VPN.

How to Use Torrent

If you no idea about how to use torrent don’t worry let me explain step by step. The tutorial is for android users.

  1. First of all, go you need to download some apps from the play store.
  2. The app is a utorrent and VPN. Luckily there are some free VPN apps are available in the play store. I will use Turbo VPN
  3. After installation open the VPN and connects to any country.
  4. Now Open your favorite browser and go to This is one of the torrent website. There are so many torrent websites available that you can use. Here is a list of best sites.
  5. As you can see in the screenshot It is a bit like Google. Type Whatever movie or series you want to download. Hit the search icon after that.
torrent search engine
  1. It will show so many different results. Click any of them. Then chose Magnet \ Download link.
free netflix account
  1. This will take you to the utorrent app. I hope you have all permission installed. Once File is added in the utorrent make sure you disconnect with VPN for faster speed. (USA, UK, etc people don’t do it because then your ISP will know that you are using torrent) Countries like India or Pakistan and disconnect for faster speed.

That’s it. you may see slow speed while downloading. But with time your speed will increase. Another thing you can do to improve speed is to download files ( 5th step) from more peers. More peers mean better speed.

Not only movies you can download pretty much download anything. Whatever you like.

4th Way Using Netflix Accounts

You can try the following accounts to login to Netflix.

[email protected]pronhuub
[email protected]lsdvh334r
[email protected]xvdieos
[email protected]sdr2334
[email protected]tailopez34

You know, I know that these accounts are not working. You can’t find a working Netflix account with a simple Google search. Because all Bloggers provide not working accounts to increase the length of the article. It helps us to rank in Google.

But you can still waste your time if you have enough time.

5 Way By Sharing Account

If you are looking for a free Netflix account then your friends too. Because

You are an average of 5 people You spend the most time

So why don’t all of you buy one Netflix account? It will cost you so little money. More friends less money. But make you don’t include more than 6 friends because

Netflix knows about this trick that’s why they have limited Pro plan up to 4 screens only. You can also contact with someone who has already account.


I have provided pretty much all the working ways to get Netflix’s free account. If you still search on the internet then God bless you. If you think there is no secret then let me tell you Netflix engineer also knows how to use Google.

If someone posted a trick then they will fix it as soon as possible. If you have any questions or query then let know by the comment section.

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