Download Android Paid Apps For Free


In this article, I am going to demonstrate how you can download android paid apps for free. We all are familiar with Android. It is an open source operating system. We use the Google play store to download Android apps. Google Play Store has a vast collection of apps. I think, more than 2,50,000 apps are in it. But not all are freely available, especially those apps which comes in trial version (with locked features) and their pro versions are a bit expensive. So, if you want to try or use them, then you need to buy before having to check them out. paid apps

How To Download Android Paid Apps For Free


There are TWO ways to download android paid apps for free:

First Way :

Amazon runs a parallel store where you can get the chance actually to try paid apps for free before buying them.

Second Way :

You can try amazon paid apps in the Google Play Store is just buying them and then returning them for the full refund. I think it is the best way. If you like this way, then read all the steps carefully.

Learn here step by step how you can do that
  • Open your Google Play Store from your desktop or your android device. Go for any paid app that you might want to try and buy that app by paying for it.
  • After downloading and installing the app, you can go back and check it out for the next 10-12 minutes.
  • After you finish with checking out the app, move back again in Google Play Store. Then go to My Apps from menus, then select the app which you want to have a refund for
  • You will see, there will be a refund button which you will press, and then your brought app will be automatically uninstalled from your device.
  • After the uninstall has done, it will ask you for the reason of returning the application, check “I’d rather not say option here.” After that, the app amount will refund that you pay during installation.

Download Android Paid Apps For Free
But there are few essential things which you need to remember while doing refund process

  • The refund time of an app is only up to 15 minutes after you downloaded it, after 15 minutes the refund option will disappear
  • The refund option works just for one time. If you again buy same app second time, then you won’t get the option of refund


Blackmart Alpha

First of all, I advise you that install Blackmart Alpha. It is a free application which helps you to download a paid android app for free. After downloading and installing the Blackmart Alpha app, then set it only for paid apps.

Tips for Blackmart Alpha

    • firstly, select sort mode and set it on rating
    • secondly, choose sort order and fix it on descending
    • at last, choose a filter and fix it on paid

That’s all!

Now, I give you some site links from where you can download paid apps for free.




.apk File sites to download paid apps in free

List of sites | click on them to open

“Final Notice”

I hope, my this trick will help you to download android paid applications for free. If I missed something, then comment on my post. You can mail me directly also if you have an idea about technology.

Thank you.


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