How to Compress Images: Best Way

If you have ever visited many big sites then image compression is very important. Basically, It affects website speed.

Image compression is very important. image compression

If you are filling a form then you know image compression is very important for you. Generally,  online website accepts image size upto 50kb.

Best Websites to Compress an Image

ImageDiamondThis is a new website it is very useful. It is easy to use.  You can compress images using this website. You can compress any type of images like Jpeg and Png.

Open the website as shown in the screenshot.

image diamond

Click on the Choose File and select your Image. You can even select more images by clicking on Add more images.

After that Click on the compress button.

Image compression

As you can see It compress an Image and you can even change the compression ratio. After changing compression ratio Click on the Compress Button.

Then you can download the image by clicking on the download button. This website also shows you image size.

Using this website you can compress any type of images like jpeg and png.

Optimizila: Another amazing website for the image compression. Here is the screenshot of the website homepage.optimizlla: Image comprsession

This is a very amazing website. Using this website you can compress any type of image. Click on the Upload files. It will automatically compress the image. Then you can download by clicking on the download all button.

You can even further change quality by hovering on the image.

Visit website

ImageRecycle:Another amazing website that you can use to compress images. You can type the website URL to get Full report about your imges

Best Tool For WordPress user

If you are a blogger and using WordPress then you don’t need to use any website. you can use plugins. This plugin will automatically compress images.

There are many plugins that can be used for image compression.

WpSmush: This is the most famous plugin for image compression.  This plugin is currently used by 1 million people. Wpsmush has both free and paid plans.

This plugin is by WPMU DEV. Image Optimizer: Another very famous plugin that can be used for image compression. Currently, It is used by 30000 users and It has 4.5 Rating.



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