How to protect your email account from hacking

In this way nobody can be hacked your email account

You will have an e-mail account and you have also protected it with a password, but do you think anytime for a second that just by doing so, your email account has been secured? or No . But , the answer is No! . Because ,There are still many things that you do not know about, and due to the same carelessness, your email account may be hacked. If you also want to prevent hacking by making your email account 100% secure, then follow these tips:

1. To make your email account safer, adopt the Dual Security option, whenever you are logged in, an additional code will be sent to mobile and you will be able to access mail only when you use this code. Note that there is no SIM of any other in your mobile.

2. Use anti-virus applications regularly in your mobile phone, tablet, computer etc. Also, keep scanning data from time to time.

3. Often we do not forget Password: This fear keeps the password of your email account for years, but it is not right in terms of security. Always change the password of your email account. Note that when creating a password, use special characters and alphanumeric, not only that the questions asked for security should be somewhat strong.

4. Do not open your email ID on unknown cyber cafes, such as a PC, a library, friend or a relative's PC and mobile etc. Because this poses a risk of your email id hacking. Use private browsing if it is very important to use another computer or mobile.

5. Never open an email with anonymity or lottery. Also, keep Bluetooth off, because it also keeps the risk of getting more viruses. Do not open e-mails, because this virus can also be that can hack your email account and data, if you are using mobile banking online If you use such viruses hack your bank account.

6. Try as far as possible, do not use public WiFi. This can send viruses to your mobile, computer and tablet and your email account will increase the risk of hacking.

7. Never click on "Don't ask for this computer next time" when you are using the Dual Security option because if you tick on this option so next time this option  is not shown on your computer and this security will removed for that computer.
Note:- "tick only on your personal computer"
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